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Water Operator Job GrowthOver the next few years the demand for Water Distribution, Water Treatment, and Wastewater Treatment Operators is expected to grow significantly.  In 2014 there were 117,000 Water Treatment Operators in the United States. That number is projected to reach 124,000 by 2024. In addition to normal job growth, up to 50% of current operators will be eligible to retire within the next ten years.

This creates a major challenge for water systems, but provides a tremendous opportunity for young operators looking to advance their careers and those interested in a new career in the water industry. The coming years should provide excellent opportunities for advancement as well as higher than average salary growth.

Since 2008, Certification Study Guide has been helping current and future Water Operators advance their careers, whether it’s studying for their first certification exam, or finally getting their Class IV/A license. We provide tools such as online practice tests, flashcards, must know info, glossary of keywords, and math tutorials to help our members prepare for, and pass, the operator certification exam.

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