Frequently Asked Questions

I live in California. Will your site help me prepare for our state certification exam?
Yes. The information on our website is based on standards and regulations as established by the American Water Woks Association, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Safe Drinking Water Act, as well as the Association of Boards and Certification’s need-to-know criteria.
Is the practice test the same every time?
No. The test generates random questions from our database of over 300 questions. You will notice many of the same questions appearing after taking the test a couple of times but this helps you commit them to memory. We are working to increase the number of questions in the database to 500.
How many questions are on your practice test?
We offer several practice tests. The main test simulates the actual certification exam and contains 100 questions. We also offer shorter tests of 25 and 50 questions for when you only have a few minutes to practice.
Is your test like the actual certification exam?
Yes, in the sense that we offer a 3 hour timed test with 100 questions. We try to simulate the actual test as closely as possible. However, we have not taken questions directly from the test.  The practice test questions are based on need-to-know information as defined by the American Water Works Association, the Environmental Protection Agency, Association of Boards of Certification and multiple state and local water operator boards. Much of the information will be on the actual test, although it will be worded differently.
Can I share my personal account with a coworker that's preparing for the exam?
No. An Individual Account is intended for use by one person. Many hours have gone in to the development of this website. We have tried to keep the price of membership as low as possible compared to most water training services, which typically run in the hundreds of dollars. Please help us keep our rates low by not sharing your account.
Do you offer an iPhone app?
Not at this time. In the future we plan to offer iPhone and Android apps, but we do not have a time frame for their availability.
Does my membership renew automatically?
No. If you wish to renew your membership you can do so on the website. If you wish to have a business account renew automatically please let us know.